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How Is Google Analytics Helpful To You

Data and Insights form the base of every execution on Digital or Social Media Platforms. Whether you are running a website, marketing your business on social media or through SEO/PPC Ads, or even affiliate marketing. Data is always the most important thing. Knowing how our content or ads are served or how people are reacting to our campaigns and how is the brand been absorbed by consumers on social media, is a very critical thing for us.

Being a Digital Marketer, I have to have a good information and insights about the consumers my business or clients want to target. Thus, I need a social media marketing, monitoring tool to manage my work, and make things easier for me.

With vast amount of data out there, its really necessary for me to churn out the very basic data and take out the meaningful insights to form a strategy or next plan of action for my business or for my clients. I have used multiple tools in the past, from Radian6, Sysomos, MeltWater, AlterianSM2, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and many others. Some of these tools have helped me form the best strategies using the insights that they provide.

At initial level, the first tool which I used was Radian6, almost 7 years back, I used to manually extract all the data, do some data mining and approximations, and what not to bring out some great insights for the brands I used to work for.

It’s been a long time, and after using various tools and techniques, I have noticed that the tools have evolved a lot in all these years. They have improvised their functions and UI, which makes it easier for today’s digital or social media marketers to make their work simple. The dashboards provide efficiency by choosing the right keywords and selecting the right mentions.

There was a big problem with these social media monitoring and analysis tools, which was sentiment analysis. Most of these tools didn’t provide accuracy in that. Manually churning the data, is next to impossible. Though, I have done that too, once point in time. But then you came to face the reality, which was a massive difference from what the actual sentiments are. However, Sentiment Analysis has been a everlasting discussion on accuracy.

However, from past few months I’ve started using KonnectInsights, for my business and for my clients, which is a fabulous all-in-one marketing tool and provides a really easy interface to extract data, select and register your keywords and to track topics. It makes my work quite easy.

The data charts, provide a great in-depth knowledge about what the world is talking about right now about the brand or the competition. To make you understand, I have jotted down a few pointers below, the 5 Reasons Why I Use prefer using Konnect Insights over other tools.

1) Effective Social Analytics

Konnect Insights gathers data from various social media channels to get hold of maximum insights. Not only this, with useful and filtered data; users can plan their business strategy effectively. It aims at increasing revenues by reducing customer service costs, obtaining feedback on products, services and improving public opinion of a particular product or business division.

2) CRM & Workflow Management

To boost revenue, you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that competes with itself. Konnect Insights is efficient in managing contacts and sales opportunities. The affiliates can track marketing campaigns and sales activity, opportunity, and customers as well!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud apps allows you to monitor and analyse their team’s activities. With this analysis, brands can forecast the sales and can formulate their next level strategies. Konnect Insights makes it easy to manage customer profile and case history information, freeing up the valuable time and empowering them with expertise.

3) API Integration

Konnect Insights uses software-to-software interface that permits different clients to talk to each other without any previous user knowledge or interference. The best part about API Integration is that it runs the processes behind the scenes. Application programming interfaces make it easier for developers to use certain technologies in building applications. So now, you can have all the building blocks for your business which the programming team can put together to use.

4) Rich Dashboard

Want a quick overview of your brand, competition and industry? Konnect dashboards have you covered. If you want to deep dive by being very specific about social data? The rich dashboards provide you all of that. Konnect’s dashboards allow you to visualize data in a number of ways from multiple sources. The tool’s data visualization options have been enhanced to aid better decision making. Interactive charts allow you to go further in your quest for enhancing your brand’s online presence. Apart from detailed analysis, Konnect’s interactive charts allow you to initiate actions on the fly.

5) Speed

Konnect Insights collates the speed with which brand conversations buzz around on the internet. Rapid response to concerns and complaints is now critical to brand communications and we realise it better. Longer response timelines are harmful to brand reputation, and to put a halt to your brand image being maligned, Konnect Insights come to rescue. Konnect Insights helps you discover conversations instantly to facilitate swift actions. The tool’s proprietary search engine has been built for speed. The data scientists have put together a host of big data technologies that are right for you and your brand.

This was a quick checklist why Konnect Insights deserves to be on your priority list when it comes about promotion of the brand online. You can avail a free 15-day trial of the tool and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.

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