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How To Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

According to Business Standard report, Digital Video ad spending is rising as compared to search and display ads. So why not for Digital Video Ads?

And did you know, that in 2016 Facebook ad has beaten the TV ads in terms of revenue in US.

Facebook also allows autoplay option for videos. This means everytime you scroll down your news feed and came across any video, the video will autoplay on your news feed, whether you want or not!

We are also hearing that Facebook is soon to launch ads on your videos. That might grab some attention for marketers.

Before you jump into Facebook video ads, here are some tips that will make your videos grab attention of your consumers.

First 3 Secs Impression

Few people watch videos on Facebook because they are interesting or something useful on their part. But most people scroll pass through the video because they are worth watching. So you video ad should show something which can grab your consumers attentions, something which can make them curious to watch the whole video, like amazing images or astonishing stats!

Be careful your video should not be long. Convey your message in short duration. Nobody likes to watch lengthy videos

The Customer Comes First

Facebook allows targeting based on real people as opposed to cookies, which lets brands more accurately control their reach and frequency across devices. It also allows them to better appeal to potential customers and tailoring content aimed at specific segments.

Grab Attention With Thumbnail

Like Youtube, Facebook also lets you create your own thumbnail for the videos. This is where you can trigger curiosity to grab your audience’s attention. Have you ever seen youtube thumbnails? How the fake thumbnails grab your attention and compel you to watch the video?

You don’t have to create fake but something which will attract your consumers to watch the video.

Add Value To Your Video

The video which talk about their product only tend to bore the audiences. Best thing to add to your video is to add some values to your video. Show some stats, figures, etc. The video must educate your consumers. The consumers are more keen to learn things not to see what they already know.

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Sameer Narkar

Sameer is the Founder/CEO and Chief-Architect at KonnectInsights, which is a Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Product by Prudence Software and Analytics Pvt Ltd. He shares most of his knowledge and expertise with Digital Media and Marketing and specially his interest in Data Science and Analytics.